PRISMA utilizes a resilient lending and arbitraging model featuring a resonator leading to constant profits for investors.


PRISMA offers various beneficial services and tools for the cryptocurrency community while growing the Prismacoin ecoystem.

Lending + Arbitraging

PRISMA users can earn profits by using services and systems which are fueled by our ecosystem token Prismacoin.


PRISMA works to solve the problem of unsustainable lending platforms by amassing a substantial service portfolio with beneficial tools for the cryptocurrency community while also providing a resilient lending model leading to steady profits for individuals who invest in the platform.

One key service will be the arbitrage trading bot service which leads to additional steady profits for users while stabilizing the lending platform through usage fees.

PRISMA platform overview. You can earn profits by participating in the lending and arbitraging system. People can use services where small fees are paid which fuel the lending system. With support from arbitraging and other services, the lending system will be sustainable. You can find more details regarding our stable profit engine in our whitepaper.

The PRISMA platform will consist of several cryptocurrency services, an internal exchange and a lending system, all accessible via one website and mobile app. The platform is fueled by its token, the Prismacoin (PRIS), which is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain.

Earn with PRISMA lending up to 27 % monthly profit on your initial investment,
and with PRISMA arbitraging up to 56 % monthly profit on your initial investment.

For details please read our whitepaper where we explain the system in detail:

PRISMA whitepaper

The PRISMA ICO started on 10th May, 2018 at 6pm UTC+0 and will last until 16th August, 2018 at 6pm UTC+0. Find all the details here: PRISMA ICO.

Thank you for your interest in PRISMA.


Participate in PRISMA's ICO to invest early in the most sustainable lending and arbitraging platform to date.

Reward Program

Earn bonuses by being part of the PRISMA Community Reward Program and publishing content about our platform.


Get your free Prismacoin (PRIS) tokens by supporting the platform during the ICO and doing these simple airdrop steps.