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Post Telegram ID, link to your Twitter account and your public ETH address in the PRISMA bounty thread so that we can verify your participation.

Additionally you can participate in the airdrop lottery:

PRISMA will give a total amount of 2000 PRIS in this airdrop lottery to users interested in our platform. From each of the 3 modes of participation listed below 50 people are selected at random after the ICO that will receive 10 PRIS each. Those people will be contacted via the platform they used to participate in the airdrop. You can participate in all 3 modes to get the chance of winning up to 30 PRIS. You can use your referral link in all your airdrop posts. The 3 modes of participation are:

1) Follow us on Twitter:
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3) Post (at least) once on any social media platform while using the hashtags #prismacoin, #prismaplatform and #prismalending & the URL to our website

One lucky participant chosen randomly will win 500 PRIS!