How exactly is the price of PRIS determined during the ICO?
Price in ETH is always determined at 6pm UTC+0 of any given day and stays the same for a 24-hour period until the new daily price is determined. For determination the arithmetic average of the ETH/USD ratio at 6pm UTC+0 from coinmarketcap.com is considered.

When the price rises during the ICO will the maximum investment limit also rise?
No, the limit stays the same, which means that you can only buy fewer PRIS at later stages of the ICO.

Is the PRIS token an ERC20 token?
Yes, the PRIS token is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain.

Can I use a cryptocurrency exchange address (i.e. from binance.com) as my sending address to receive my PRIS on that address?
No, this might lead to problems with the distribution of PRIS. Please only use a non-exchange ERC20 compatible address (e.g. generated on MyEtherWallet.com, ImToken, etc.).

Are there rules regarding the gas limit?
Gas maximum level: up to 60 gwei, 200,000. If you go beyond this limit, you will be refunded with an additional penalty of 5 % to cover transaction costs at the end of the ICO.

What happens if I send more than the investment cap of 3 ETH?
Do not contribute more than the investment cap. You will be refunded the excess amount above 3 ETH with a penalty of 5% to cover transaction costs at the end of the ICO.

Can I make several small purchases from the same ETH address during the ICO?
Yes, you can buy as often as you want as long as you don’t exceed the maximum investment limit of 3 ETH and as long as you invest at least 0.1 ETH (minimum investment) per buy.

Where and when do I receive my PRIS tokens after contributing ETH?
You will receive your PRIS tokens on the same adress you used to send your ETH. If you followed all ICO rules, you should receive them roughly after two to four weeks after purchase – depending on how many contributions have to be processed by us and when the ICO ends (e.g. if it is sold out early). If you do not break any ICO rules, but the ICO is sold out by the time you send your ETH contribution, you will be fully refunded shortly afterwards.

How can I see the received tokens in my wallet?
You can either see them via etherscan.io or you have to add the token manually in your wallet (e.g. in MyEtherWallet). For the latter use:

Token contract address: 0xB64Fe44f1748C0e7602b16637B15638cAF59ce3A
No. of decimal points: 18
Symbol: PRIS

What happens if not all PRIS tokens are sold in the ICO?
The remaining PRIS tokens will be burned (i.e. sent to a wallet from which they cannot be spent anymore), reducing the maximum supply effectively.

Can I also buy Prismacoin (PRIS) using other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or fiat currency ($, € etc.)?
No, only ETH is accepted during the ICO to purchase PRIS tokens.

When will the internal exchange go live?
The internal exchange is released after all Prismacoin tokens have been distributed so that every contributor can have the same trading opportunities.

Will there be a private pre-sale?
No, there will only be a public token sale.

Is there a referral program during the ICO?
Yes, you can create a referral link easily and send it to other people to earn referral bonuses. For details on the referral bonus program please see PRISMA ICO.

Will there be an airdrop or similar things?
Yes, there exists also a small airdrop and a big community reward program, where you can get free Prismacoin by fulfilling certain tasks (for details see PRISMA Community Reward Program and PRISMA Airdrop)).

Any details about the developer team?
Many details about our team can be found here: PRISMA team. The development team decided – in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto – to reveal most but not all personal details. Some of us have jobs in rather conservative milieus that are not to fond about the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Nonetheless our development team is a motivated staff of 6 people that are based in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We also value your privacy as much as ours which means that no KYC procedures are required to participate in our ICO and to use our platform.

What is the logo depicting?
It is a prism refracting some light beams. Could also be a rocketship thrusting upwards, depending on interpretation!

Where can I find the roadmap?
Our roadmap is laid out in the whitepaper. Please have a look under https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper.

Thank you for your interest in PRISMA. Make sure to follow us on our channels!