Before and during the PRISMA ICO, users can earn bonus rewards by participating in our community program. In this section you can learn about the rewards and the participation rules and conditions.

The PRISMA Community Reward Program (Bounty) consists of following rewards:

Top 10 Twitter users: each 1000 PRIS
Top 10 Facebook users: each 1000 PRIS
Top 10 Reddit users: each 1000 PRIS
Top 10 users: each 1000 PRIS
First 5 and additionally top 5 Medium/Steemit/blog posts/articles: each 1000 PRIS
First 10 YouTuber (> 1k subscriber, < 10k subscriber): each 1500 PRIS
First 10 YouTuber (> 10k subscriber): each 3500 PRIS
Bonus reward for creative and innovative promotions: 8000 PRIS

For Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/bitcointalk rewards:

No spam or low quality posts, but instead educate readers with a short but well written summary of PRISMA and its benefits. Use hashtags #prismacoin, #prismaplatform and #prismalending and link to our website and have your posts on „public“ (for Facebook users). Post no more often than each 6 hours and follow the general guidelines of the used social media platforms/forums. Twitter and Facebook users should have at least 200 Follower/Friends. Reddit and bitcointalk account ages should be at least 1 month.

For Medium/Steemit/blog post/article rewards:

Publish a well written review of PRISMA on any publishing platform (including your own website, but excluding social media channels mentioned above). Review article should not be shorter than 500 words. The first 5 high quality articles and additionally the top 5 overall articles (counting most likes/views/shares on article) will receive the rewards. Counting of metrics as likes, views etc. is cumulative over all platforms, so if you publish your article on more than one platform, the metrics will add up.

Use also the hashtags #prismacoin, #prismaplatform and #prismalending and link to our website Additionally you should mention your email or contact adress so that we can identify you as the genuine publisher of that article. After publishing your article, please write us an email to to let us know about your participation.

For Youtube rewards:

For the YouTube reward, you should help raising awareness for PRISMA by creating a video review of our platform and ICO. The video should show the website and discuss the whitepaper shortly. In the textbox you should use the hashtags #prismacoin, #prismaplatform and #prismalending and link to our website Low quality videos are not accepted. After uploading a video, contact us at Time-stamp of uploading counts in determining the first 20 YouTube videos (10 of small and 10 of large channels) of high quality.

You can participate on all reward channels (including all social media platforms) but use only one account per platform. Violation of this rule leads to blacklisting from the community reward program.

For bonus rewards:

If you find a way to create an innovative form to promote or help PRISMA, we will reward you with extra PRIS tokens (up to 8000 – may be split on several users). Just contact us via after your publication.

You can use your referral link in all reward program posts and contributions.

The community reward program starts on 3rd May, 2018.
The community reward/bounty will be sent after the eligible persons provided us with their respective Ethereum public wallet adress (via social media or email). We will contact those persons at the end of the ICO.