The PRISMA team consists of:

John S. is the CEO and visionary of the PRISMA platform and the main driving force behind the project.

John S. – PRISMA CEO and lead developer. He graduated in computer science and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who followed the progress in the cryptocurrency space closely. When he saw the emergence of lending platforms which mostly led to short-term profits for the users, but failed in the long-term, he decided to revolutionize this branch by creating a sustainable lending platform coupled with an arbitrage trading system and a beneficial service portfolio. After some fruitful discussions he teamed up with mathematicians and finance experts to bring the project to reality. Thus PRISMA, the sustainable multipurpose cryptocurrency lending and arbitraging platform was born.

Mason Adams will handle all business contacts on LinkedIn. He is also our ecosystem architect. Find him here: .

Mason Adams – Business relations manager and ecosystem architect at PRISMA. Mason will handle all business contacts and is responsible for our business relations on LinkedIn. Find his profile here: Mason Adams on . Additionally Mason will oversee the PRISMA platform as the ecosystem architect and will work closely with the other developers on making PRISMA the best platform it can be.

Ethan W. – CTO of PRISMA, Developer and mathematician with expertise in feedback loop and equilibrium theory. Ethan supports us in the development of the sustainable lending and arbitraging platform by providing profound theoretical knowledge about feedback loops and self-sustaining systems. Together with John he is the driving force behind our project.

Gary codes our services. Watch a video of him explaining the PRISMA platform HERE.

Gary Johnson – Developer at PRISMA. Gary is programming the front- and backend of the services of our platform portfolio. He also helps with the integration of those services into the resonator model. You can check out a summary video in which Gary explains the PRISMA platform and its benefits for investors HERE.

Franz J. – Developer based in Switzerland who supports us in creating the sustainable lending and arbitraging model. Franz has ties to the financial industry and can provide our team with in-depth knowledge about the financial part of the project, and thus supplements the other developers perfectly.

Arslan develops the arbitraging bot. Check out THIS VIDEO of him giving a short introduction to PRISMA.

Arslan Boulos – Developer at PRISMA. Arslan is the main developer for the arbitraging bot and its integration into the PRISMA ecosystem. He shot a video of himself giving a quick introduction to the PRISMA platform. You can watch it HERE.

Ken Lloyd – our support staff member.

Ken Lloyd – PRISMA support staff member and code debugger. Ken works part-time for us and provides support for the users, handles all communications with business partners and publishes new updates about PRISMA and the Prismacoin ICO on our various social media accounts. If you speak to us in the Telegram group chat or via email, chances are high your are speaking with Ken. In his spare time, he looks over the code from the main developer team to iron out bugs in the lending and trading software.

Jeremy T. gives us a helping hand regarding debugging and community support.

Jeremy T. – Our second Support staff member. Jeremy works on our web presentation and backs the other developers helping with the lending and arbitraging model. He also assists Ken in support staff tasks. He claims about himself to be addicted to cryptocurrency.

Those are the details about our team. The development team decided – in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto – to reveal most but not all personal details at the moment. Some of us have jobs in rather conservative milieus that are not to fond about the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Nonetheless our development team is a motivated staff of 6 people that are based in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We also value your privacy as much as ours which means that no KYC procedures are required to participate in our ICO and to use our platform.